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It's make it or break time...

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    It's make it or break time...

    Microsoft has a perplexing challenge: getting consumers using their products. The issue isn't that their products are bad per se, it's just that their marketing department seems like it doesn't exist.

    Take for example, the Windows Phone 7. It's a great software and a great interaction. Many a critic review give it lots of praise (Steve Wozniak one of them) and many a user that has one will recommend it. But, until the Nokia-Microsoft deal, there literally was no advertising for the past 18 months for the phone. I think there were two adverts, one showing off OneNote and SkyDrive linking to it. Quite a redundant and stupid way to show off a really slick phone.

    All isn't lost for their adverting, their YouTube channel has a few videos that are quite excellent. The problem? IT'S ON A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! People don't troll around YouTube for things like that. Microsoft's marketing department isn't focusing on television adverting where it counts the most.

    Then there was the Kin before that, an epic failure. There was some adverting for that, but it didn't come across as an advert. There was one that actually showed it being used and what it's used for, it was ok but the product was a niche product, a small one at that.

    Before that, there was the Zune. The first one was iffy, it looked like a Soviet radio than anything, but the software was SO sleek and cool. The next generation of Zune was MUCH better and the software was just as equally cool. The problem? No advertising. Not a single television advert. The only ones they have are some cheesy cartoony adverts of a someone high off LSD. Just awful.

    It seems like the only thing they CAN market well is Windows. That's the only thing you ever see usually. It's make it or break it time for Microsoft.

    They're bring the three screens, one cloud, and one UI (and soon OS) to rule them all. It's huge, the biggest thing that's ever happened to Microsoft. Their marketing department NEEDS, ABSOLUTELY, get this out there and make it advertising to match.

    So far, it seems like they woke up and realized that, as the Microsoft Surface trailer video has got to be the best advert I've ever seen for a computing device, simply amazing! I'd love to see them stir up commotion and maybe some anticipation a month or two before release to build up excitement in the consumer market. An Xbox for play, a Windows Phone to put people first, and a Windows PC for work and everything else in between all working hand in hand, with no issue, fast and fluid, all built to complement each other. If that message can be sent across, they have the potential of blowing up Sony, google, android, iOS and putting apple back where they were in the 90s.

    At least I think so.....

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    You wonder if the consultants are telling them the right things.

    Maybe they are, but MS doesn't listen.

    It wouldn't surprise me - MS are not listening to their customers, so why would they listen to the consultants.

    It is a concern.

    There are several possible outcomes for win8 including.

    1. It is a massive success - beats Apple in tablets - very popular on ultrabooks/laptops and desktops , stimulating their sales. Huge turning point for MS.

    Extremely unlikely.

    2. It is a damp squib - it sells sort of - but only because there are a few who particularly want a Windows tablet and they get 10-15% of the market , and because it just comes on oem laptops.

    Very likely.

    3. Disaster. Sells some of course - simply because the machines carrying it are on the shelves everywhere. They get 10% or less of tablet market and laptop/desktop sales are depressed because win8 puts people off buying.

    Possible at this rate.
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    I think number 1 will happen in the long run, 2 will probably happen initially. I doubt it's disaster as long as OEMs and Microsoft get their poop in a group.
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    Microsoft has its own competitive practices working against it when it comes to online marketing - not surprisingly, Google doesn't help sell Microsoft products, and Bing shouts at me, so I don't listen. Ergo, I don't see Microsoft Marketing, or when I do, it does not register.

    It's a bit like charity workers on the streets, or calling at my door - I am quite aware of their organizations and whether I wish to donate to them - but I will not be coerced into paying them to get out of my face.
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    MS are trying something difficult.

    They want to break into the portable market in a big way.

    They have chosen to do it by attempting to combine a phone os and a desktop os.

    There are bound to be compromises.

    You would think they do all they could to get the existing customers and particularly the enthusiasts behind them.

    They have made a hash of that.
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    I think MS make the good marketing choice by manufacturing their own tablet. This seems to be a way better product that oem manufacturers will have release. Time will tell us. But I still believe that forcing desktop peoples to use the metro interface is a huge mistake. Especially forcing the IT peoples to use it on Servers OS.

    I will not purchase a Windows tablets because it's similar to my OS desktop, I will purchase one if they come with something that fit more my need than an Android or an iPad.

    I have to admit that MS have to do something, iPhone as way more apps for controlling thing than Android, Microsoft phones as nothing. I means thing to control a HTPC, an Aquarium, a Train layout, Robots etc. When a company release a product that can be remote controlled by a phone, they do the iPhone version first, they understand that peoples who can afford their products own a iPhone.
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    As I can see and have read some of the articles that they are moving ahead as new OS is concern. They are now upgrading/expanded their territory to compensate consumers and investment for the new software they need to get into the market.
    I positively think a huge success for them once they have made the changes.
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    We shall see.

    They may get unbelievably lucky.

    Economic conditions might cause a sudden urge to spend.

    Samsung have been derailed by a court ruling - that is a gigantic lucky break for MS.

    Who knows what else could happen.
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    I think finally breaking into the mobile tablet space with an operating system that's new and fresh and has been better built for mobile and touch will make Microsoft profitable. They still have Windows 7 selling and going, as that will be their fall back if things don't go out well as planned. There's Windows 8 that hits touch, mobile, and mouse systems (if you learn it) in one. The approach may seem asinine, but it's part of a larger ecosystem Microsoft is building and will be released this fall. So far, it seems real promising. Windows Phone running what probably is WinRT code, Windows 8 rocking NT and RT, and the new Xbox next year has been rumored and probably will be running WinRT code as well. From a developer's standpoint, that is a true heaven! A game from the new Xbox can easily be ported to Windows 8, and can potentially be ported to Windows Phone if the gameplay allows. An app from Windows 8 can be ported in a matter of a couple of weeks to Windows Phone and could even run on the Xbox.

    This can only work, once again, with proper marketing...
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It's make it or break time...
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