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Getting rid of the UAC Shield fundamentally

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    Getting rid of the UAC Shield fundamentally

    How do you remove the "UAC shield", or "run as administrator shield" from icons?

    I'm not talking about visually, but rather fundamentally such as setting ownership, disabling UAC so that windows will no longer show that it needs privilege

    Its really ugly that most of my icons have that little shield, it just ruins the aesthetic

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    I' hope you first tried turning UAC off.. that may do it??

    or you want it on but no Shield?
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    Well I turned it off from the control panel, the shield is still there, I did read that on win8 you have to edit a registry to turn it completely off, brink's UAC tutorial advise against that though.

    I just want to know what can (theoretically) get rid of that shield icon, I might decide against it if its too dangerous
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    What about just changing icons to one that doesn't have the shield..

    There is a way to make custom icons, it's probably here on eight forums how to do it..
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    If you want to disable fully the User Account Control (UAC) go to regedit and do this: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\EnableLUA=0 It currently is set value to 1 setting it to 0 will disable it entirely. You will be prompted to reboot. Upon rebooting file explorer will behave like normal XP and so on. BEWARE! None of the 8.1 "apps" will function, thought, with UAC totally disabled.

    In using REGEDIT you can right click on either the "Policies" or the sub-folder "System" and export (backup) those values. If you ever wanted to revert back to the way it was merely double click the saved .reg file and it will write it back into your registry. Also of note, if you change the value to 0 instead of 1 and then click the X in upper right of regedit, it will close and anytime you run "regedit" again, it opens to the very last place you were in. So, in this case, it would bring you right back to that ... \Policies\System area in your registry. Remember or write down what you changed, and then you can simply change it back again.
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Getting rid of the UAC Shield fundamentally
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