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File Explorer problem with moving files

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    File Explorer problem with moving files

    My wife asked me to look at her system because of a problem she was having in file explorer. She has a rather large music collection, and she was trying to consolidate some of the folders. As an example one folder is named AC/DC, and another is named AC-DC. She wants to take albums or songs from the AC-DC folder and move them to the AC/DC folder.

    The system has three partitions on the HDD, C, D, and E. All of the music files are located on the E drive. The main parent folder is called My Music, and the folders below that are usually the band name. She opens the folder and selects the files she wants to move, then clicks on "Move to". When the move items box opens so she can select the folder she wants to move the files to, instead of showing let's say 50 different folders it only shows two folders. I tried rebooting the system, but had the same problem. I looked through her installed updates but did not see any that could cause this problem.

    If I search on the other partitions (C and D) after clicking on Move to I see every folder on those partitions. I have checked the permissions, and do not see anything that would cause this issue.

    Any idea what could be causing this problem?

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    selects the files she wants to move, then clicks on "Move to". When the move items box opens so she can select the folder she wants to move the files
    What/!? that's not how windows file explorer works? Or more likely I don't understand the way you described it..

    do you mean when you click the files and drag them over another folder to move them it opens up automatically for you to select where you want to move them??! see what i mean?..

    Also you probably need to use something like TeraCopy as it will make sure everything copied correctly and its better to "copy" not "move"... you can always delete the originals once the "copy" completes.. but you can have errors with "move" and lose originals..

    so just copy and then delete.. Teracopy makes this easier..


    are you using a mouse and selecting the folder/file you want to move and right-click dragging to get this???

    Click image for larger version


    Click image for larger version
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    In Windows 8.1, when in file explorer if you select one or a few files there are two buttons in the ribbon bar. One says copy to the other move to. She finds it easier to select the files then click the button, and select the destination folder.

    I don't have a problem copying and pasting, or dragging and dropping, but isn't the purpose of the OS for individuals to choose what works best for them.

    I am not able to determine why all sub-folders do not appear in the move or copy items box.
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    There is a "choose location"..

    so..? I'm still not understanding clearly ? You want custom folders to show up there?

    Click image for larger version
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    On the E drive the top parent folder is My Music, then there is at least 50 folders below that. When she selects the files she wants to move and clicks on copy to / move to, and the box pops up so you can choose the location....there is only one folder shown instead of 50. I will post some screen capture shots tonight when I get home if you still are confused.
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    I don't think i'm confused anymore but you do need to show me the screen captures..

    by the way, you do it by first opening up the "snipping tool" app.. and have it just sit there in the background (you may have to cancel out of the first picture if it tries to take a picture when you actually press to open the snipping tool..

    then you put your windows in the place you want and press the "move to" on the Ribbon bar... (then your windows should show up drop box of the missing folders right?)

    and while that hopefully now shows this missing folders you speak of, you then press either "Ctrl + PrtSc" and then select the picture by dragging around whatever you want the picture to be..

    or try pressing "Windows(button) + PrtSc"
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    This first image will show you the folder structure of drive E.

    The next image will show what you see after selecting files and click either copy or move to.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Folders.PNG   Move to.PNG  
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    On that one folder "dalhart imperials \ ..." That does actually show up as an option - (in the middle 2nd picture)

    Can you right click and look at the properties of that folder compared to any other folder that doesn't appear in that move Dropbox..

    Make sense?

    I mean look at the properties of the folders actually on the e:\ drive

    I wonder if changing a letter in the name of the parent file on e:\my music will help force those directories will show..

    Do you need all those folders to be in E:\mymusic?

    Can you temporary solve this by changing the folder name from E:\mymusic to something like E:\songsmove ... Etc...

    Then try the move to in the ribbon again and see if they show up?
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    I understand what you are saying. I will try that tonight and let you know.
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    Okay, so I started by checking the permissions on all folders from the parent folder through all of the child folders. All permissions were the same. Next I changed the name of the parent folder from My Music to My_Music and that solved the problem. Now this may seem like a stupid question, WHY ?
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File Explorer problem with moving files
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