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File Explorer problem with moving files

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    Windows sometimes uses special properties for "special" folders like "My Documents", "My Pictures" and oddly enough.. "my Music"

    I'm guessing the ribbon method of moving files for god knows reason why doesn't want to show that my music folder subfolders because it's probably thinks it a special folder.. whatever that means..

    the point is, it doesn't like to show things that are meant for links to go to your "documents" or "mymusic"

    I'm totally just throwing this out my butt here.. but it is one example of a possibility of "why" since you asked..

    but the fact that it showed up after you changed names means it was either that folder permissions/cache/god knows what settings were incorrect or maybe just a "special" folder that windows has special properties for..

    another example of this is how some of your folders that have lets say movies in them, they show the picture on the folder of the first movie in the folder correct? have you seen that?

    that is a special permissions or "magic" type of folder...

    anyway, "My Music" is something used by windows apparently in a special way..

    if you want to try to disprove this THEORY, then rename that folder with music to "Pictures" or "My Documents"

    truth is, I'm just blabbering.. but maybe it was just a corrupted folder that reset its properties when you renamed it..

    but you did ask "why?" ha..

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    Thanks for the response. Honestly does not make sense to me since my wife has been using this system for over two years, and this issue just came up a few weeks ago. Not that it matters, it is fixed and my life can go back to normal now that the wife is happy.
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    I was hoping the more technically inclined we're going to jump in and help but apparently they are all on vacation..

    Where are the rest of this forum's members??

    I'm seriously guessing that when you renamed the folder that that may have jumped it into gear because computer do get finicky with so many files always changing and it looks like you had millions of songs there and I'm sure windows couldnt handle any more of it after 2 years hehe..

    It probably just forced proper permissions and or cache icon (and all that hogwash computer terms) to be reset because of renaming it had to re link all the files with a folder etc..

    Glad it's finished..

    I guess you really give "happy wife, happy life" a run for its money
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File Explorer problem with moving files
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