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Compression size High (Macrium) Whose used it?

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    Compression size High (Macrium) Whose used it?

    Hey guys, about to try a "High" Compression setting using Macrium for an Image.

    It's only a 250gig SSD drive, so it may not be worth choosing "high", but was curious as to who, if any, has tried the "high" compression settings on their images using Macrium..

    I'm looking for any

    positive - (it really works and makes them small)


    negative - (it took 2 days to make the image and restore it), stories or experiences..


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    I use high compression all the time because I take a full image once a week and don't want to mess around with Incremental backups, and want to minimize the space taken by the backups. I know it takes longer, but I've not done any benchmarking and since the backups of about 30GB only take around 10 minutes, I'm not concerned about the time needed. But this uses a 6-core, 3.2GHX processor with 16GB of DDR 3 memory.

    In contrast, on an older, slower, 2core 2GHz machine, the backup of 103GB takes about an hour.
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    Ok well.. i just did a 79gig SSD on high compression it wasn't bad.. I don't even remember 10-20 minutes i think.. I didn't watch..

    But I will see how it does with a almost full 250gig SSD next...

    i7 quadcore only (2.4Ghz but 3.2 with Turboboost whatever..)

    also 16gig ram..
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Compression size High (Macrium) Whose used it?
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