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How To Show Details Tab Automatically In Task Manager

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    How To Show Details Tab Automatically In Task Manager

    Hello, so the topic title is pretty much straight forward. When I open the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), it opens to the Processes tab initially. The problem is that I don't use this tab at all, I click on the Details tab to the right, since I'm more familiar with that. I would like to automatically open the Details tab every time I open the Task Manager. What can I do? Also, rearranging those tabs would be perfect.
    (Microsoft should allow you to modify stuff like this easily and simply to best suit you and your work for best productivity. We're in 2016. Someone mention that to them please.)


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    I could not find anything about command line switches or any other way of opening a particular tab on startup. You could use a macro, such as open Task Manager, wait until the window title appears, then click the mouse on the tab. It would be fairly easy in AutoHotkey.

    Alternatively there are many free replacement task managers. One of them may have a switch or setting to start with a particular tab open. I would try the freeware sites. But I tried pressing alt D after task manager opened. Evidently there are no accelerator keys for the tabs. Maybe they felt watching for the key would slow down monitoring all the processes? I don't know.
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    Ok thanks for your advice
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    Automatically Open Windows Task Manager to the Details Tab

    The Windows Task Manager 'Details Tab' can be initially opened automatically, and easily, with this simple AutoHotkey script that I wrote
    (.ahk code + compiled executable files attached).

    Note that this script/exe must be 'Run as Administrator'
    Run Taskmgr.exe
    WinWait ahk_class TaskManagerWindow
    ControlClick SysTabControl321, ahk_class TaskManagerWindow
    Task Manager (Details).zip
    Enjoy! -JT
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How To Show Details Tab Automatically In Task Manager
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