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How to change how Windows organizes screenshots in 8.1

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    How to change how Windows organizes screenshots in 8.1

    Hi Everyone, & Happy New Year!
    I take a lot of screenshots from several different nest-cam sites I watch, & I don't like how they're organized when they reach their dedicated files, so I'd like to know if I can change it. I'll try my best to explain what I mean.
    When I take any screenshot, when I title it in the "Save As" window, I put the Date, then type what's in the screenshot, then put the time, (e.g. 4.14PM), then the extension of .jpg My issue is, instead of the screenshots being kept in order by the "time" they were taken, they're organized by; date...then alphabetically by the description I've given them...then the time...then the .jpg.
    Organizing, first by date is perfect, but most of the times, the screenshots actually tell the story of the day's activities, so chronological order is VERY important, especially for important events, like progression of an egg hatching.
    When I noticed this, I tried changing the way I named each screenshot by adding the time right after the date, then the description & then the .jpg (e.g. 12-22-15--2.30PM-Beginning of hatch.jpg), but it completely ignores the addition of the time, & goes right to the first letter of the description. In the excitement of keeping track of a hatch, I'll just type what I see, but if I start the description of the newest screenshot out of alphabetical order, the sequence will not be in chronological order, (which is what's most important...after the date that is)!
    I know it probably seems like a non-problem, but if I don't remember what letter I used to start my description with on the previous screenshot, everything will be out of sequence. I know I'm not describing this very well, so maybe I'll just ask if there's a way to change how Windows organizes screenshots as they're "Saved" in their perspective folders so it goes by Date, then Time, then description?
    If you need clarification, just ask...maybe I'll explain it better the second time around! lol
    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    I sort of do this with my Pictures.
    I create folders named YYYY_MM_DD (2015_12_21 for instance)
    Inside the folder I put pictures taken on that day. If I want to see them chronologically, I click on the Date Created or Date Modified column header .
    I click on the Name header to sort by name, etc.

    Try naming like 2015_10_15_2.30PM-Beginning of hatch.jpg. Then sorting by name should be effective to get a chronoligal display.
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How to change how Windows organizes screenshots in 8.1
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