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Mouse works but touch screen doesn't!

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    Mouse works but touch screen doesn't!

    I have a Samsung series 7 Slate, which works great and is really fast with Windows 8. But with one piece of software the touch screen doesn't work, the menu items will light up but nothing happens when you press them. If I use a mouse it works fine and as it should. I don't think it's the software because I also used it on a HP 500 Slate and the touchscreen worked fine on that.

    If anyone has any ideas for a solution to this problem I would much appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    There is a bit of a glitch when using older touchscreen hardware with windows 8.

    Nearly all older touchscreen hardware is implemented as an mouse emulator. So when pressing on the screen it simulates a mouse click.

    Windows 8 makes use of the touchscreen interface rather than the mouse interface for touchscreens, and the driver it installed for your touchscreen (if it installed one) may not be working too well with the hardware. If you install a driver separately for that touchscreen you may get back the mouse emulation for the touchscreen, but then some of the better options like gestures and sweep scrolling may not work well or at all in windows 8.

    So what you really need is a touchscreen driver that is really a touchscreen driver (not a mouse emulator driver) for that model of touchscreen on your slate. If you know the touchscreen manufacturer you can maybe find a beta on their site for Windows 8? Find the touchscreen device in the hardware control panel and look up it's VID and PID to find the manufacturer if the driver page doesn;t already tell you. (There is a website somewhere that'll look up the VID/PID and tell you what the product and manufacturer is)

    But.. may be slim chance. If not, try finding the normal windows 7 touchscreen drivers for it, that may help some, though not guarantee it'll be fully functional.
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    I will try your suggestion but this is new touchscreen hardware in fact when MS released Windows 8 it was on this model so they could show the touchscreen capabilities, it is only with one program that I have the problem, the touchscreen works brilliantly with everything else, including excellent handwriting recognition.
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    Ah. ok, sorry. Then if it's working in general (Like fully in metro itself) I probably wouldnt mess with it :/ might just make it worse.
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    Meaning to say touchscreen should be ready with Windows 8 OS and certified!? and the touchscreen driver compatible if it is x86/x64 base in the OS!?
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Mouse works but touch screen doesn't!
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