Hey guys!

I am using HP 470 G2 laptop with Win 8.1 , which got an annoying habit of turning screen off after some minutes without touching laptop. When you are typing or touching it it is all fine. I have set power options to never turn off screen, changed Console lock display timeout to 90 mins, machine is fully updated, Graphic drivers updated. I have contacted HP support where they suggested just to make a cold boot , did that, took RAM out and in again and their second and last suggest was to send it to service. Before that I ve got an idea to test it with UBUNTU.
Did that and it does not black the screen when not touching anything and all is NORMAL. So there must be a problem with Windows I think but cant resolve it on my own and I really gave my self a fair effort but it is fruitless so pls if you know better I will appreciate it!!

Thank you!