I recently upgrade my OS from 8.0 to wind 10 in hoping that this will fix the issues of my computer freezes and locks up which requires me to reboot a few times before the computer gets to a point it get stable to function for awhile. I had the same issues before under win 8 when I built my machine. Recently I had to rebuilt my pc because the mb died on me. I purchased a new mb, ram, cpu, one nee hd, and video card and blu ray burner.

It took me hours to load win 8 from my OEM disk until my need hd, often would locks up during installation before i could finishing installing win 8. Now download win 10 upgrade and install it over win 8. The installation was a snap! But I still have problems as before. Recently I install win 10 clean and remove win 8 to see if that could help the issues still there. I ran a MEMtest to see if I had a memory issues nothing. I bought a new psu too the issues are there.

I had this constant issue since win 8 OEM and I can't figure out what the problems. Are there any free diagnosis programs to run to find out the issue is? My gut feeling is the OS itself from win 8 before I install win 10 over it.

PC spec
blu ray burner from LG
Gygabite MB 970A-UD3P
AMD FX Black Ed 6300 AM3+
Crucial 8GB 1600 Dimm
EVGA GT730 1 GB D3 video card
3 WD Blue 1 TB ea HD
1 WD Green 1 TB HD
TP LInk wifi card model TL-WN881ND
OS win 8 64 bit then download win 10 ISO
PSU 600w