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This is probably why it's "Windows Reimagined"....

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    This is probably why it's "Windows Reimagined"....

    It's Windows for new PCs. A new metro interface. Windows Reimagined.

    Probably words some are sick of hearing... But from what I gather, I think I have the reason why it's Windows reimagined.

    Click image for larger version
    We have here the Charms bar, where you find the new Start button, search, share, settings, and devices. As well as that, there is the time, date, and a couple of vital system notifications like networking and power. Within the Charms, you'll find the power button, wireless networking, volume, input language, as well as the place to change app settings and a link to change common PC settings.

    Click image for larger version

    Now there's the other half of the new interface, the App Switcher. You can have about 8 different metro apps running in the view as well as the Desktop. Some apps show a live thumbnail preview and then hibernate the process to be resumed instantly. Some apps are coded to always run no matter what.

    Click image for larger version

    Compare this to the Desktop and start menu.

    We have Taskbar that has a lot more items that can be switched around, only if the user does that. It has the Start button to a menu where you can search, find an app to share something, go to Control Panel to change settings and view Devices and Printers. On the other end of the Taskbar, you have the time and date, and vital system notifications.

    Click image for larger version

    The other part of the Taskbar is the live thumbnail preview when you hover over an icon.

    So basically, Windows 8's Start Screen takes the Taskbar and start menu elements and splits them in half on the two sides of the screen. Then, the rest of the Start Screen is the traditional Desktop space where you have icons on it as well as the items you would have in the start menu. That, I believe, is why it's Windows Reimagined.

    It can use some work though. I would imagine in Windows 9, the App Switch bar gets moved to the bottom of the screen since by that time, there will be more content creation apps instead of purely content consumption and there needs to be more apps to switch around too. And maybe even for Windows 8, hovering over an app preview will show the app in full screen. It's different, it's new and works swell across different inputs as long as the user chooses to do so.

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    You might find that metro is dropped from win9.
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This is probably why it's "Windows Reimagined"....
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