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Viewing Photos easier?

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    Viewing Photos easier?

    Hey guys I have millions of videos and photos I have to delete..

    Is there a program or any way to view these photos and videos easier to quickly go through them??

    I used to have a mac and they actually had a good system for doing that like below..


    Like this..

    Click image for larger version

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    The free IrfanView has a browse mode. Left right arrow goes to previous next file. It is good to have generally as it has some basic image editing and conversion functions.
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    Yes thanks, I have irfan view already.. was thinking to try out others..

    but I guess it does work..
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    I also have heard good things about XnView

    I have it, but have not used it often. I'm sure XnView has a similar function. It seems to have a built in batch processing capability for applying edits/changes to multiple files. It has been around quite awhile. One of the more popular freeware image viewers.
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    thanks I'll try that.. never actually heard of it yet..
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Viewing Photos easier?
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