In preparation for an upgrade to Windows 10 I have changed the Region/Language for my system to "English (Canada)" wherever I could find a setting for it. That includes Control Panel > Region > Format "English (Canada) ", Control Panel > Region > Location "Canada", Control Panel > Language "English (Canada)" ["English (US)" has been removed - thus "English (Canada)" is the ONLY language listed]; Control Panel > Language > Advanced Settings "Use Language list".
Problem: When I go to Control Panel > Region > Administrative Tab > Copy Settings, the Display language for the current user still shows "English (United States)". Given that "English "US" is not even in the language list, the Display language SHOULD show as "English (Canada)" but I cannot find any place to actually make that "stick" so it also shows in the Copy Settings.
Does anyone know how to get the Copy Settings to show the correct Display Language?