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Why has my photos gone into Thumbnail sizes?

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    Why has my photos gone into Thumbnail sizes?


    (I have windows 8.1)

    So i have over a thousand photos saved from my iphone to my c drive.
    Now i was just going through them to save them on my hard drive and most of these photos have turned into a thumbsize and renamed into a numerical filename.

    Also some video clips have become unstable so iv im scrolling through the folder and dont delete these unstable videos as quick as i can then it crashes my folder - so annoying
    I have not touched these photos or videos since they were saved beginning of the year.

    Please can someone advice me on whats happened and how to sort this mess out

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    So you saved 1000 photos from a much earlier time and now where are they??

    I don't think your explanation is clear .. Please explain more..

    Windows -depending on certain folders like picture folders- makes thumbnails to help you see your photos.. Or it could have been copied from your iPhone as it may do that to help the computer know what it has..

    But are you saying your original photos are gone??? See it's not so clear

    What are the file sizes of this folder? Is it big?

    Are the thumbnails the full image or tiny little files?

    Have you run any programs that could mess with your media photos?

    How did you copy them from your iPhone..

    I just use iexplorer or even just when you connect the iPhone it shows up on my computer and I can drag my folders with photos from my iPhone to my computer...
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Why has my photos gone into Thumbnail sizes?
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