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Full Screen Game(s) Move/Re-organize Desktop Icons

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    Full Screen Game(s) Move/Re-organize Desktop Icons


    My mom has a 15" laptop and she likes to play games. Some of these games are old and start in full screen mode (easier for her to see it too). When she exits the game her icons are all moved around.

    Is there any way to stop this from happening? Or any application/setting to "remember" icon positions and restore them?
    (Note that the solution can not be "don't play in full screen mode".)

    Thank you,


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    Icons will move around if the Display Resolution is being changed. Perhaps looking at the Resolution while the games are in full screen mode might be something to check. If you can set them the same as the normal resolution, it might help.
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    Whatever game she is playing you need to set that game to the same desktop resolution..

    If your laptop resolution is 800x600 then your game also should be set in 800x600

    If it's an older game only some resolutions may be available..

    (800x600 is definitely not your desktop resolution but I hope you understand)

    In the game look to change the resolution to something the same as your desktop.. You'll have to look at what your desktop resolution is set for in windows (right click somewhere open on your desktop and select change resolution and look at what you are already set at..)

    Then you'll have to go in game and try to change to that same resolution (that will also slightly change the way the game looks and may slow it down if you change to a resolution too high up..)
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Full Screen Game(s) Move/Re-organize Desktop Icons
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