I think my HDD ( WDC Black 1TB or drive 1) have problem, it randomly lose power (I guess, because the only solution after lost power is to unplug and plug the SATA power cable), so I want to replace it with brand new HDD (also WDC Black 1TB)

I want to clone the drive 1 to the brand new drive, but before I buy the new drive, I want to check if I can clone it, to my unused WDC Green 2TB or drive 2. Then I clone the drive using EaseUS To Do Backup. Later I unplug the drive1 and let my PC boot from drive 2. After that, Windows cannot boot and give me this error code 0xc000000e - a required device isn't connected or cannot be accessed

I did some solution I found on the Net, specifically bootrec commands but the problem (cannot boot) persists.
bootrec /fixmbr returns successfully
bootrec /fixboot returns Elements not found
bootrec /rebuildbcd returns Element not found whatever my answer is (Y or Yes)

Thanks in advance.