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Reminder for those New to W8 -- Classic start and Menu IS BACK !!!

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    Reminder for those New to W8 -- Classic start and Menu IS BACK !!!

    Hi everyone
    I posted this sometime before but there are always a load of new people wanting to try W8.

    This post is addressed to those "Metro Haters" (which includes me BTW) who use a computer as a COMPUTER rather than a large and heavy smart phone. You CAN have the old start menu back too. !!!!!

    Here's a reference to my previous post -- shows a screenshot too

    enjoy - and banish those horrible sickly tiles back to outer nothingness where they belong.


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    Seriously? That's through a third party application (which doesn't work 100% like Win7's start menu), and not a native option like your title implies.

    And you could simply add a post to your old thread in order to bump it up instead of creating yet another somewhat-misleading thread.

    And why did you link to the https version? now most browsers will throw up a security error when they view that page.
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    Well as far as I am concerned the start button is gone, done, dusted and buried. Now that I have got used to the metro start screen I am over not having a start button sure took me a while to adjust but now I have actually stuck with W8 for some time and I actually don't care anymore
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    That's nice for you.

    For the millions who do want a start menu - There are a few to choose from .

    Classic Shell, Start Menu 7 and there is one called Vistart.

    I haven't looked at Vistart for a while, it may have improved.
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    I can see why a lot of people are put off by it, I was at first. TBH judging by the backlash against microsoft over W8 I susspect W9 wont be to far behind...complete with an optional star button. My advice for anyone who doesnt like W8 would be to stick with 7 and wait it out.

    Wasnt there a similar reaction to the mouse years ago?
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    I have no idea about the mouse reaction.

    It depends what each person uses their machine for.

    I suppose the start screen is usable for general faffing about.

    It is completeley useless for many enthusiasts, including myself.
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    i didn't really care for Metro at first, but once I got my most used things pinned to my taskbar in the desktop, I don't mind going out to the Metro interface to find something else. I'm forcing myself to stick with native Windows 8 for the time being. I need to know how to support what is there, because without a doubt, I will have to support a few boxes on this in my job.
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    I also installed Classic Shell but on my CP version and that's where it will stay.

    As with Burtie I do not need the start button as in Windows 7.

    So my RP version will stay as is. But I understand that most of us want the old start button back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    For the millions who do want a start menu - ...
    Er .. slight exaggeration there I fancy!
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Reminder for those New to W8 -- Classic start and Menu IS BACK !!!
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