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Reminder for those New to W8 -- Classic start and Menu IS BACK !!!

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    I think you will find that if win8 sells as badly as Vista ( or worse than - it is entirely possible ) - that will still be a couple of hundred million copies.

    You can be sure a very large proportion would like a start menu.

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    Microsoft Windows

    Click image for larger version
    Here's an image comparing the Classic Shell menu and the Windows 7 menu.
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    Massive opportunity for you guys, xpclient.

    The demand for Classic shell will be enormous after win8 ships.

    Better make sure you can handle the bandwidth.
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    I am interested to know what is going to happen with these third party start menus in the RTM version of Windows 8.
    -Metro mandatory: Windows 8 start menu source code to be removed | MyCE – My Consumer Electronics

    As mentioned in the article, MS appears to be ripping out all legacy start button code. What are the chances these start menus are going to work in the future if the majority of the source code is removed?
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    Yes, I am well aware of that - I posted it up here weeks ago.

    I don't think that will bother Classic Shell.

    Do MS think customers like this kind of behaviour?
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Reminder for those New to W8 -- Classic start and Menu IS BACK !!!
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