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I think you're entirely off base with your second issue. This is a problem with your expectation, not with the OS itself. It's doing it's job as designed, but since you expect something different from how it's designed, you think it's a bug. It's not. Microsoft calls these kinds of issues "problems" because you are having a problem with this. The KB article is merely there to document it.

This is not a bug, nor is it a flaw in the OS. YOU make the decision which causes you to lose files, not the OS. Could Microsoft do more to help you identify which drive is correct? Sure, but it's not a file corruption bug that causes the problem, it's the incompetence of the person trying to install the OS. I know, because I too have had some difficulty in figuring out which drive is which, but it didn't take me long to figure it out.
Oh my. That level of nonsense is impossible to reason with, so I won't even try.