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Corruption after Disk Consoldation

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    Corruption after Disk Consoldation

    So this is very stupid of me but I was doing a disk defrag and canceled it when it got to the consolidation part. Basically everything is all wonky now. Google chrome shortcut don't even open, only the main .exe file does. My desktop wallpaper keeps turning black and sometimes my desktop thumbnail pictures disappear and take forever to pop up. My file explorer takes forever to load now and it's just overall a mess. How do I fix this? I've tried restoring to a earlier time but when I did it said that some of the files couldn't be restored. I'm doing a SFC scan right now, so hopefully that helps. I wish I hadn't of canceled it

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    I don't know how you can undo it. But for future safeguard you can get a free imaging program such as Macrium Reflect. You can save an image of your system to a USB stick or external drive. The incremental backup and restore cuts way down on the time needed for backup and restore operations. It's not nearly the chore it used to be. (Incremental may be limited to the paid versions but it is worth it.)

    If Macrium does not seem appealing here is a list of Free Imaging Programs

    Another alternative is a "time machine" type of utility that allows you to take snapshots of your system and roll back changes. But many of those are hosed by running defrag so it's not much help in this case.
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    Stopping a Defrag in mid-stride is like a sky diver changing his mind after he's already jumped out of the plane. Not a good thing!

    I'll go along with "Miles Ahead" on doing backups at regular intervals, like weekly.

    First and most important, is that your Backup & Restore program is not solely on your HD. It becomes 100% worthless when that drive crashes.
    So, you need a backup/restore program that can reside on either a CD or Flash Drive. Then it must be able to backup your entire C: drive and store that as an Image File to some other drive or media..... so when disaster strikes, doing a Restore can put your C: drive right back the way it was the moment you made the last backup.

    I use an older backup program called simply "Ghost" that I run from a Bootable Flash Drive or CD and it can not only make a backup image file and save it anywhere I designate, it can also compress that backup image file, and check it for accuracy, so I can store many of them on my 1TB storage drive. I have has HD crashes like anyone else, but I've never lost any data,* because of my weekly backup regimen.
    *My data files (My Documents) are backed up daily, to a 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive. It takes only seconds.

    Good luck, on sorting out that messed up HD, without a backup image file to restore. I think in that case, I'd save all the data files I could find, to an external HD or Flash Drive, and reinstall Windows.

    Happy Holidays!
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    So I tried running a check disk scan. It ended up freezing at 13% for over 10 hours so I tried restarting, didn't work. I was stuck in an endless loop. I eventually got into safe mode and has to refresh my computer. I thought oh yay my computer is as good as new. Wrong. I tried updating Windows and now I'm stuck on a restarting loop that says "failure configuring Windows update". Now I can't even access safe mode. No matter how much I mash F8 it won't bring me into safe mode. This sucks.
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Corruption after Disk Consoldation
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