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changing screen shot photo from i don't know what it's

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    changing screen shot photos from PNG.

    when ever I take a screen shot it comes out as a PNG photo in the
    screen shots file, all screen shots do. and I cannot figure out how to change it. and I need to change it because
    it seems to open with a photo program is not working right. except it runs on the intel system, except the only
    intel on here is the mother board, and it's not even a factory production. so getting anything "intel" working
    right is getting harder to do.

    Click image for larger version

    so now the PNG photos are not printing as a whole page. filed as a screen shot, but will not print the whole page. even though it was in the middle if the screen.. can I get out of PNG and in to something like jpg, or some other thing at the end
    at the end of each photo. these 2 screen shots may give you a very basic idea of what i'm up against. right now is to get out of this PNG. thanks for your help you can provide have a great day

    Click image for larger version
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changing screen shot photo from i don't know what it's
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