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Can't get into any recovery options,, f2, f8 and f12

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    what does the PC boot to ??

    Needs to repair ??

    Remove the hard drive from that pc - install that HDD in another PC (remove other pc hdd) - boot from setup media - do clean install to that HDD..
    DO NOT ALLOW PC to finish the reboot - just shut it down..
    Remove HDD from that PC and install back into your pc and finish the reboot...

    reinstall other HDD into other PC

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    Windows 8

    It boots up to, recovery,,, this pc needs to be repaired,,,,my error code is 0xc0000225

    I wish I had other pc to try that. I was looking around the world wide web for a cheap laptop. I am so overwhelmed right now, I don't even know what I am looking at lol

    All that money down the drain,, sighs.

    Thanks again for your help,,KYHI.
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    most likely you have a SATA HDD
    the drive will plug into any SATA cable / PC

    Just need another PC that has SATA connections..

    Do you have another PC ??
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    Windows 8

    No, sadly I do not have another computer. Just this really small tablet lol.

    Well I take that back, I have a Toshiba laptop but the screen is dead. Guess I will go to eBay and look at the screens for a replacement.

    Yes it's a sata hard drive,,hopefully if I can fix the Toshiba and try the hard drive trick. Funny I got the Dell after my Toshiba broke. Hopefully I have two laptops soon hehe.

    Thanks KYHI!
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Can't get into any recovery options,, f2, f8 and f12
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