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Partition resize, Windows 8.1 not booting, UEFI

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    Partition resize, Windows 8.1 not booting, UEFI

    Hi all,

    Ok, I have a new lenovo ideapad 305 (system is UEFI boot), I used minitool partition wizard to resize the c: & d: drives (to increase space on the D) but didn't touch anything else, rebooted into windows & it seemed nothing had changed, so I booted up by USB and the partitions were exactly what I had changed them to. Thinking this was really weird, I tried rebooting & have not been able to get into windows since.
    I have tried recovery through the windows 8.1 cd but it does not recognise the partitions at all! So I can't even use diskpart or the like, I have tried several boot recovery tools, some see the partitions & some don't, so I guess I need to make the partitions UEFI-enabled? I'm not fully savvy with UEFI & I've tried every piece of advice I could find, but i'm stuck, any clues?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Just to update, I've gone through the BIOS, tried disabling secure boot, swapping between UEFI First and Legacy First, but cannot get the windows dvd (I've tried the windows 8.1 dvd (don't have the repair disc)) to see the partitions or even refresh or reset, it gives the error "the drive where windows is installed is locked" or "unable to reset your pc. a required drive partition is missing", but the minitool wizard sees the partitions just fine. I've tried several discs such as hiren's cd just to try to get to a GUI (mini windows) but always get a bluescreen (trying to load the GUI). I tried GParted, also no luck.

    I tried the System recovery from the Novo Button Menu, but all I get is "Default boot device missing or boot failed" it then demands installation media which I already know won't help with recovery.
    Would it be right to assume (since at least some tools can see the partitions)
    that it is simply a problem with how the partition table is being identified? If that's the case, is there any software tool that can correct it?
    I'd rather fix the problem than reload the whole thing (but it looks like I'll end up doing just that), any ideas?
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    By the way this is all sounding, your only option is going to be just clearing the disk completely and starting over. By that I mean deleting every partition you can find on the drive and then reinstalling with Windows and letting it reconfigure all the partitions. With the fact that not every software is able to see all the partitions, I would seriously consider wiping it with DBAN (dariks boot and nuke) and just going from there. Might save you some headaches.
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Partition resize, Windows 8.1 not booting, UEFI
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