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Cmd Prompt Popping Up

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    Cmd Prompt Popping Up

    For a week or two now, the command prompt occasionally pops up. I can't see any text printed in the half second it stays up, but if I'm running a fullscreen application it will minimize it and bring me to the desktop. I've run an Avast full system scan and a Malwarebytes Anti-Malware scan several times each, in safe mode and out of it, and neither of them have detected anything at all.

    I don't know if it's happening hourly or every couple hours, but I recently noticed that it happens 58 minutes into the hour (10:58 PM being the most recent). It's definitely happening more than daily. I've checked through my installed programs and there's nothing out of the ordinary there (no malware, no bloatware, no dubious freeware, nothing illegal).

    My computer is running as fast as ever, booting up perfectly. No passwords changed, no hiccups. It's just that blank black window keeps popping up.
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    You could do the following to detect the invoker of the console:

    1. Download Process Monitor
    2. Run Process Monitor
    3. Add the following filters: Operation is "Process Start", Operation is "Process Create"
    4. Await a result including "conhost.exe"
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Cmd Prompt Popping Up
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