I've just done a fresh install of Windows 8.1 and I'm in the process of restoring my stuff from the old Windows 7 install, which sits on another hard drive.

So I grab my entire Firefox profile from the old Win7 appdata folder, plop it in the new appdata folder, and up comes Firefox with all my settings and extensions intact.

But if I do the same with Chrome it remembers the history and most of my settings, but all the extensions and their preferences are gone. If I go look in the settings menu a message appears and says Chrome has detected something has corrupted my user profile and has reset some of the data; a link sends me to this page, which explains about the missing extensions.

Chrome gives me the option of resetting the rest of the settings, but doesn't give me a "quit nannying me, I know what I'm doing" option.

I really don't want to have to reinstall all the extensions and reconfigure their settings, as I had quite a few of them. Can this infuriating behaviour be stopped, so that I can get my old profile back?

And no, I can't just run the old browser install and use the official sync feature, as the whole thing was prompted by Windows 7 suddenly getting broken way beyond bootability (believe me, I tried).