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General feature list of Windows 8

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    General feature list of Windows 8

    So, please add anything that you know of. I'm just compiling a set of features that are now in Windows 8, which might make Windows 8 compelling over Windows 7.

    1). Ability to mount an ISO file by right clicking on it.
    2). Faster bootups and shutdowns
    3). Restore options via Settings for the machine (restore and keep data, or restore to factory defaults)
    4). Hyper-V is included, must enable in Programs and Features
    5). MSE included by default, now called Windows Defender
    6). Most AV software starts during boot process, in "Early Load Anti-Malware" option. Defender uses this
    7). Ribbon interface in Windows explorer exposes features you may not have known existed, or provides quicker way to get to them.
    8). File History option, can pick files, folders, etc and pick a location for them (external devices, network, etc) and schedule when to keep them in sync (for example, when you plug in USB key)
    9). Ability to pause a file copy
    10). Can use picture based logons and perform gestures instead of typing in a password
    11). App history feature in Task Manager..see what's been hogging resources
    12). Power Users Menu. Right click in lower left corner...all of the options most frequently used by an admin.
    13). In Control Panel, under System and Security, MANAGE STORAGE SPACES. Drive Pooling technolgoy. Keep copies of files on multiple hard drives.
    14). Events tab for each hardware component in Device you can see when changes were made to hardware and what versions you are running and what versions you were running.

    What else have you found, read about or otherwise discovered accidentally????
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    another really good list of features is here : 13 Windows 8 features worth knowing about - Computerworld
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    ^ Just be aware, on that link, 2nd page, the Windows To Go features is ONLY available on the Enterprise version of Windows 8, which is only available to companies who have enterprise agreements with MS and Software Assurance support. It's not going to be in any of the consumer versions of this product.
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    Wikipedia typically maintains good lists like this.

    Features new to Windows 8 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Cool, thanks. I just wanted to build a list here to show some that's Windows 8 is more than just doom and gloom as it pertains to Metro and their might actually be some compelling reasons to give it a spin.
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    I think if there were more tablet or touch screen users on this forum, there would be a much more positive impression of windows 8. It's a whole new environment for tablet PCs. Using windows 8 with touch is like the bicycling fish learning what a pond is. Metro lets your fingers do all of the busy work without really engaging or distracting your eyes.

    Great metro features for touch screens:

    There's uniform, broadly adaptable, touch gestures across metro to toggle apps, close apps, and snap apps
    Uniform location for app settings, print, an share
    Finger friendly access to settings, power, volume, brightness, language toggle, and network connections
    Superb tablet friendly browser
    But most importantly, there's a desktop environment still available to complement the touch environment.
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General feature list of Windows 8
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