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4 kb processes showing up in RamMap taking 1/2 total RAM

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    4 kb processes showing up in RamMap taking 1/2 total RAM

    Screenshot first because it's required for context:

    This is taken directly after reboot, so it's not a big issue at the moment. After about 16 hours of regular useage, enough of these processes appear that 4 of the 8 GB of RAM I have is used by them alone while the rest of the running processes (including Windows 8 processes) use about another 2 GB. I've scoured the internet searching for a cause and everything points to software I don't have installed. On one website I remember seeing something about finding the parent process ID and that should point me to the cause, but I can't seem to find the website now or a way to get a parent PID.

    I think it might be caused by the Razer Naga Epic Chroma driver, as I can't remember this happening before I bought my mouse. I'm going to check that, I'll update this with my findings.

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    Cannot really tell anything from that. Have you scanned the system for any malware?
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    Quote Originally Posted by broe23 View Post
    Cannot really tell anything from that. Have you scanned the system for any malware?
    I have and it came up with nothing. As far as I know, the problem lies in the fact that when a process is closed, a driver or another process is keeping a handle on the closed process, which takes up 20 kb of RAM.

    Solutions from other places:
    • Disable Ndu.sys -- Tried, didn't help.
    • AppleCharger.sys -- I don't have any Apple programs installed
    • Killer Network Manager -- unchecking the bandwidth monitor box didn't help
    • ESET Security -- I don't have this
    • ATI 12.10 driver -- Why would I have a driver installed when I don't have the hardware
    • sfc /scannow -- showed up with nothing

    Refreshing my PC appears to have fixed it, I don't know though. RamMap still shows 3 processes
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4 kb processes showing up in RamMap taking 1/2 total RAM
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