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Windows 8 - Why?

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    windows 8

    Windows 8 - Why?

    I have now worked with the release preview long enough to progress from hate to what should I say? Acceptance, perhaps? Windows may load a bit faster but it seems to take a bit longer to load start up items so performance appears to be a wash.

    I have learned to live without the start button and I have found the gadget to make shut down less of a pain.

    What I have not found is where Windows 8 improves my computing life to the point where I would be willing to plunk down $100 + for the release version. I should state that I work in a definite mouse and keyboard - touch screen is not in my future - well, that's not quite true - I do have an iPad and iPhone.

    I know there must be lots of folk who face the same dilemma.

    Are there features and/or performance tweaks that I have not experienced yet?


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    I do think Microsoft is taking a big gamble here, that everyone is going to have mobile touch screen devices in the near future and that Windows 8 will fit their needs for an OS, I believe it's going to take awhile until that happens, in the meantime I guess us desktop people just stay with windows 7.

    I don't think we are going to be missing that much to be honest, USB 3.0 isn't really here yet, apps and metro are fun but aren't really productive in making our computing experience better and the other stuff is mostly social networking type stuff, which while I know is important to some people, to others it is not.
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    windows 8

    The problem I see is that we are talking about the home user here - a fairly small market. The enterprise is of far more importance to Microsoft. Thousands of companies are still using XP and will really have to upgrade soon. I think business uses far more desktops than tablet.
    I find it hard to believe that Microsoft would miss the boat that badly but then again they did put ME on the market.
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    What I have not found is where Windows 8 improves my computing life to the point where I would be willing to plunk down $100 + for the release version.

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    Hi there

    "Money makes the world go round" etc.

    Apart from the updates to EXCEL which I use a lot in Office 2010 I could quite easily do 90% of my daily work on Windows XP (or even Windows 95) !!.

    Maybe a little bit of media streaming needs something a bit better than Windows 95 but XP works absolutely FLAWLESSLY.

    I like W78 and W8 -- but these updates aren't at all CUSTOMER driven -- as I said Money makes the world go round !!!.

    I do use photoshop so I'd probably need at least Windows 2000 but XP just works fine. !!

    As far as Enterprises are concerned --forget Windows 8 --this OS will never be seen inside a large organisation except as a curiosity on some of the I.T techno guys / I.T support desks who might like to play with it when the have some (usually rare) spare time.

    I'm sure Enterprises will have a great time explaining to users how to logon or navigate the GUI -- especially if support comes from one of those "off shored" call centers --fortunately this whole method of providing customer support is sinking faster than the titanic.

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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Why not?
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    windows 8

    It will be interesting to see how it shakes out. Many big corps still have XP on hundreds of thousands of desktops and support is just about done for XP so these corps will soon be forced to upgrade.
    Were I an IT executive (was, now retired) I would strongly advise the President to upgrade to Windows 7 while the opportunity is still there.
    Sure am glad I sit on the sidelines now .
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    I started to write down some features as I stumbled upon them in this thread.

    Like you, i found very little to like with Windows 8 until I really started using it. There isn't anything yet that I couldn't live without, but aside from Metro...there are quite a number of features that I do think are useful.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    To be honest, you're not expected to plunk down money to upgrade to Windows 8. Microsoft gets very little upgrade revenue from Windows. Very few people upgrade their OS without buying a new computer.

    Windows 8 is designed for new PC's with touchscreens, tablets, and phones. Windows 7 was not as useful on those devices, and a lot of work has gone into Windows 8 to make it work in much smaller footprints (and other processor architectures). This is 90% of what Windows 8 is. The other 10% is the visual stuff you see.

    If you buy a new PC, it will come with Windows 8. The license you have for Windows 7 is bound to the PC you bought it on (unless it's a retail license, in which case it's transferrable). So if you buy a new computer, you have to buy a new OS in most cases (legally speaking).

    So no. You aren't expected to upgrade to Windows 8. But if you do buy a new PC, tablet, or windows phone then it will have Windows 8 on it.
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    Tech enthusiasts like we have on this forum, are far more likely to upgrade their machines, or buy a new retail copy of the OS than they are to buy a pre-manufactured OEM computer. Thus we actually would be plunking down money that would go to Microsoft.

    Of course, many here plunk down their money in the form of a TechNet agreement and use their OS's that way.
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Windows 8 - Why?
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