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Folder on Desktop disappeared- tried everything!

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    Folder on Desktop disappeared- tried everything!

    Hi folks.

    So I had to force restart my laptop when a game (...Zoo Tycoon Marine Animals) crashed and wouldn't let me close out. When I restarted my computer, I noticed that a folder on my desktop (Ironically named Folders) was gone. The other icons and folders on the desktop were still there. Here's a list of things that I have tried:

    -Looked in the Recycle bin... Nothing.
    -Checked the "Show Hidden" feature, and nothing changed.
    -Tried using the search feature to look up both the folder itself as well as individual documents within the folder... "No results were found".
    -Re-booted my laptop, to no avail.
    -Went in through Word to see if I could access any of my documents that were there.... "The directory name is not valid" when I clicked on a file that had been in Folders.
    -Restored my computer to a day ago, when the folder was still there... Nothing.
    -Opened the cmd.exe and looked through the TREE command to see if the folder had ever existed... Got confused when a notepad file opened up and I had no clue what to do. [ ex: c:\ /a > 0 & start notepad 0 ]
    -Looked at the properties on the desktop... Showed the amount of files there SHOULD be with the missing folder... But no folder.
    -Attempted to use the File Restore through Windows.... which failed because I had never turned it on.

    I am absolutely at my wits end... This has all of my research saved for my dissertation and my papers for graduation in December. What gives?!

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    Try the free utility Shadow Explorer

    It is similar to an undelete program in usage. Except that it gets its files from Restore Points. Just go to Desktop on a date before the folder died and see if it is listed. If so export it.

    Even if it doesn't work in this instance, it is handy to have in the toolbox.
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    File History?
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    Advanced data recovery software for format recovery, undelete, lost data recovery

    It will search your whole entire hard drive and assuming that the [deleted] files didn't get over-written, it can recover your files. Try not to create files or do much on the hard drive of the risk of re-writing on the same space that the hard drive has these files.

    (When a file is deleted off the computer, the file actually still exists on the hard drive for a while! It is just "hidden" and you cannot see it. The reason is that when you delete a file, the operating system declares that file as deleted and will not show it to you, where it still physically exists on the hard drive. When you defrag the hard drive (re-locate files to different locations on the physical hard drive), then it will most likely get over-written). I hope your files are still there for you. Best of luck
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    Pepanee- I tried the Advanced Data Recovery you suggested... up until it told me to pay 60$ to recover the files. It seems like a fantastic program to use, but I just didn't have the money to try the full version.

    MilesAhead- I downloaded the ShadowExplorer, and the missing folder showed up right away! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! The fact that it was free was even better!

    Reps to both of you(:
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    I am happy it worked out for you. And thank you for the rep.
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Folder on Desktop disappeared- tried everything!
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