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Window auto scrolls when I mouse over it

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    MilesAhead - Much thanks for the info.
    I did discover that the 09/23 backup eliminated the mouse issue and at the same time after running some of the Malware apps I was able to resolve the mouse issue with my current build. The last app I used was Junk Tool Removal by Malwarebytes. However I think it was a bit too aggressive and I now get a BSOD (Watchdog) on my Win8.1 system. This puts me at a crossroad in that do I go with the restore from 09/23 or try and find what the heck went south with JTR (I'm assuming that it is at fault for the BSOD). I have my log from the JTR run and I see a couple of folders that it should not have deleted but I have no knowledge about the registry keys it deleted (the keys are listed in the log but I have no idea what they are for).

    Possibly Rollback Home has created my BSOD, looking around it looks like it is a PITA to uninstall. Normally I use the pro version of Revo Uninstaller and Revo does see the Rollback.

    I just noticed that my RAID 5 array is not see in my latest boot. I'm using a 3ware controller and I'm trying to confirm that I have the latest Win8 drivers installed.

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    I think I'm giving up on the RAID, it is a 6 disk RAID 5 on a 3ware 9650SE controller. It has been acting up the past few months and I recently replaced one of the hard drives but every time it completes a rebuild the next time I boot the system it starts again. Tonight two of the drives are not seen by the controller thus at this point the RAID is dead. I just ordered two WDC Black 6TB drives and when they arrive I will see what I can do to get the RAID active. If I cannot get anything off of it all that I will loose are image backups of my systems. All of the "data" that was backed up on the raid is also backed up on drives in external USB enclosures. The USB drives range between 1-3 TB, the smaller drives will be replaced by the drives in my existing RAID after I run them through test to ensure they are stable. As a start I'll use the MFG hard drive test and then I'll let Hard Disk Sentinel give me an estimate of remaining life.
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    It must be differences in hardware or something. But ToolWiz Time Freeze works on my machine, while ToolWiz Time Machine will not restore to a snapshot. I get a bizarre error while others say it is great.

    Afa RollbackRX I just uninstalled it and things were smooth. I haven't tried the Pro version. Maybe with many snapshots things are more complicated. I only uninstalled to run scans of my system, make a fresh full Macrium image, defrag, then install Rollback again. Following the guidelines vis a vis defrag and backup imaging from the forum, so far it has worked as expected.

    I agree on the Raid. I never ran with a raid array but it stands to reason many software applications are not tested unless written by a company with money to test on many setups or by a programmer who has Raid, multiple monitors etc.. The more vanilla the more likely to be compatible. In fact on my HP Phenom Quad core, for some reason it came with a Raid controller that wasn't even enabled and it gave me problems. Some disk imaging programs would restore and some not. I had to put an image of Vista x64 back on after testing Windows 7 x64. It turned out the restore did not like the controller. Fortunately I tried "compatibility mode" and that worked. But a 20 minute restore took 9 hours. I had to leave it running overnight. I tried another software and it worked perfectly. That's why when people ask "what is the best image backup or Linux distro or whatever" I usually answer "the one that works well on your hardware,"

    Even though everything having a PCI bus homogenizes PCs to some extent, there are still enough differences to make us pay attention.

    If I had a choice, mess with a BSOD or with a funky mouse issue, I think I would go back to the mouse problem and be more methodical on the junkware removal.
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Window auto scrolls when I mouse over it
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