I have a strange issue with my Surface RT (8.1). I can connect to my wireless network no problem, and desktop-mode IE brings up web pages perfectly, but when I try to use "Metro" IE, no pages load. At all. It doesn't say "You're not connected," only "The page can't be displayed" on everything I try. I've tried killing it in the task manager and relaunching, rebooting the Surface, and resetting IE's settings, and even replacing my modified hosts file with the original again, and nothing fixed it.

It seems to have started when I changed over to a new router flashed with DD-WRT (and yes I'm connected to the new network), but no other devices hooked up to it show any problems, and of course desktop IE works fine, so it must be something on the Surface's end.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on? I'm sure stumped, and everything I found on Google either wasn't the same issue, or the fixes didn't work.