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Windows 8 spontaneous boot issues

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    Windows 8 spontaneous boot issues


    So, I had been using Windows 10 for the past month or so. A few days ago, it stopped letting me get past the login screen. I was using a Microsoft account to login, and it would never end up connecting after I entered the correct password. (It's interesting to note that if I used the wrong password - it'd immediately tell me - but, very rarely ended up loading when the right password was entered). Sometimes it would log me in, but it would only give me a temporary guest profile. Often times it would end up crashing eventually. While logged into a guest profile, I tried disabling Microsoft accounts / the need for a password at the login screen via "netplwiz".

    That didn't really work, so I tried reinstalling Windows 8 over Windows 10. That only worked after formatting a drive or two... So yes, now I have Windows 8 running again - BUT, by default, the computer keeps trying to boot to Safemode - because I ran Msconfig while on the Windows 10 guest account - and changed the boot settings to boot to Safemode - since it wasn't letting me any other way.

    So - it keeps trying to boot to safemode - and often doesn't - and gets some sort of boot issue. I'm honestly afraid to restart my computer and look for it again, because I'm not sure if I'll be able to boot back into this Windows 8 installation. It said something like it's corrupted, and I need to run recovery tools.

    I've tried running "bootrec" while inside Windows 8, and CMD doesn't recognize it. I've also tried running DISM and "bootrec" while a Windows 8 USB recovery drive was connected, and it doesn't seem to have helped.

    I've thought about disconnecting my SSD - the drive where I've installed all my Windows operating systems historically - and trying to Install Windows 8 to one of my regular hard drives, then attaching a SATA/USB cable to the SSD, connecting it to the laptop, and then formatting it there... but I still don't know if that would fix the issue.

    I'm not sure why there are still boot issues after formatting the drive I had the previous OS on. Could it be related to bios? Should I unplug my power, then pull out my CMOS(?) bios battery for a bit to see if that fixes it? Or do you have any other ideas?

    I'm really reluctant to call MS about it because this computer is the basement, and there's no reception... lol

    Any ideas?

    Edit: I will attempt to get a screenshot of the error now

    Edit #2: I've attempted to install Acronis 2014 to make a backup image of this build - since it's mostly stable, minus having to do some special stuff to get to boot WIndows 8 - but it isn't letting me. Guess I'll worry about that later after I fix this boot issue...

    Update: I just decided to try going back to MSConfig, and changing the "General" boot option from "Selective Startup" (which included "Use original boot config" (maybe problematic), to "Normal startup".... Not sure if this is a temporary fix, but it restarted just fine without error just now. Will try shutting it off then turning it back on to see what happens now.

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    What does the boot tab look like in msconfig? Make sure Safemode is unchecked.
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Windows 8 spontaneous boot issues
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