I have two machines with this problem. Both are running 8.1 with Media Center and are updated regularly. One machine has been recently clean installed and the other has been stable for over 6 months. The second machine is used as a media player and has Windows, Chrome, Adobe Reader and Norton installed.

The problem is that I start MC and within 15-30 seconds it hangs with the spinning circle. Once it hangs, the mouse, keyboard and remote have no control over the app. It doesn't seem to matter whether I start a recorded program, try to do some setup or just leave it running on the start screen. If I can start to play a recorded program before it hangs, the playing continues. In any case, the only way to get control is to kill the app in Task Manager.

I found a fix that involves turning Media Center feature off, rebooting, then turning it back on. This restores operation for about 2 weeks after which the problem reappears. One machine has had this problem show up 3 times and the other twice. The machines seem to alternate on a weekly basis.

I would like to find a permanent solution, any ideas?