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KB3013172 stuffs up ejection of some USB devices

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    KB3013172 stuffs up ejection of some USB devices

    I have several devices - two eReaders, a couple of Garmin navigation units and a couple of cameras - that when connected to Windows show up as two separate drives. In the past I've been able to eject both drives for any of these devices with a single click from the "Safely Remove Hardware" system tray icon. I can still do so on my Windows 7 machine, but the Windows 8.1 machine now requires each of the drives on these devices to be ejected individually. After a bit of experimentation I have found that update 3013172 ( is causing the problem - after uninstalling it, I have the previous behaviour back.

    As far as I can see, it's not a security update, so I shouldn't cause any problem by uninstalling it. It seems to me that MS didn't think things through before releasing this update. They should have made the behaviour user-selectable, so that one could choose which way to jump.
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KB3013172 stuffs up ejection of some USB devices
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