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Photo editing and printing

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    Photo editing and printing

    Windows 8.1 and will soon have Windows 10:

    I'm seeking a solid photo editor and printer. I've tried Cyberlink PhotoDirector, Aviary, Adobe, etc., but they are either too confusing (e.g., Cyberlink) or fail to permit printing after I've done some editing (e.g., Aviary, Adobe, etc.). I merely want to have something straightforward, easy to understand and use to fix photos (colors, saturation, contrast, crop, etc.) AND be able to print at the end. Yes, I've gone on the Windows Store and tried many, but all have problems (see above).

    Help. Any recommendations? Why?
    Will the program you recommend be available/work with Windows 10?

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    Take a look at IrfanView. Very basic but capable.
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    Anything that you are wanting to use for photo editing, is going to always have a huge learning curve. There is no one program fits all out there. Everyone has their favorite choice. The best option for working with layers, that is free, is Gimp. Keep in mind that you have to first calibrate your display before doing any type of photo editing.
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    I use several programs but my favorite is Lightroom which has excellent printing support. It also supports soft proofing on the display which is important if you want to achieve a good match between the display and prints. Lightroom mainly offers global image adjustments but it does have some local photo processing features. It should be fine for 95% of you editing needs. For the other 5%, the best option is Photoshop but its very expensive. You can try Lightroom and Photoshop as a free trial.Note you can buy a stand alone version of Lightroom. The free GIMP program mentioned above should be fine instead of Photoshop for detailed editing. Incidentally, if you want to make panoramas, I recommend the excellent free Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE).
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    I use the Adobe CC 2015 Photographer's Deal, Lightroom and Photoshop on Lease for less than $10 dollars a month, has all the power you need,

    Lightroom is, as has been said, good for 95% of images and is fully non destructive, for the odd image that needs pixel editing it's a simple click or two to take the image into Photoshop, (you edit a copy so there is safety for the original image), The programs are updated every few months all included in the price you pay.

    There are free options for doing this job but none have the power or the support structure of the adobe products, which of course includes professional printing support if needed
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    Easy, free, stable & fast, give Photofiltre a try , here's the portable version (no installation files on hd, just a single exe) PhotoFiltre Portable 7.1.2 free download - Software reviews, downloads, news, free trials, freeware and full commercial software - Downloadcrew

    A simpler version available as well, http://photofiltre.f r e (remove the spaces, somehow eightforums refuses to accept the (100% legit) 'free' url :O)

    Am using it for all quick editing. Adobe elements for more elaborate work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ztruker View Post
    Take a look at IrfanView. Very basic but capable.
    Have used IrfanView for years; does everything I need. I am on W8.1, so do not know about Windows 10, but I would bet it would work fine there too.
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    I use it all the time on Windows 10. Currently have version 4.38.
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