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lost ability to type or use CAP or Num loc keys

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    lost ability to type or use CAP or Num loc keys

    Good morning,

    Please bear with me on this one. I am in the process of setting up Win 10 on a new laptop (Dell Inspiron 5555). When taking a break from that I decided to clean the area around and including my desktop (HP Pavilion 23-g017c) which runs Win 8.1.

    To make a long story short I now have lost the ability to use my ESC, CAP and NumLock keys on the Pavilion Desktop (The last two won't display their lights when depressed). In addition to what I already stated now I can't type in my Office 2013 Word program either.

    I cleaned the keyboard with a clean dry cloth. Is there something I could have accidently pressed that would cause these functions to stop working.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks and regards,


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    Restart your computer.
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    Morning cbwilsha ,

    I appreciate your response. However, my wife solved it. Since I posted she asked me if I happened to check the batteries on the key board. I hadn't so I did as she suggested. BINGO ... problem solved.

    Her 2 days of computer expertise just shot down my 5 years of computering

    Thanks again,

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lost ability to type or use CAP or Num loc keys
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