Hello a while ago say, 10 months I built for my first time a computer for gaming. When i didn't have the option at the time to get win 7 i opted for 8.1. everything was fine for about a week then i got hit with this bug. When any audio of any kind plays i can not use my mouse it literally locks it out as if it wasn't plugged in. So i have to leave the page completely it does it for anything. When i adjust the volume, when I'm on YouTube, when I'm playing a game. Literally any Audio that comes through my headset will lock up my mouse. I have a corsair 2100 headset with all drivers i need installed. I got so fed up i went back to 7 for 8 months, no issues. Then recently i got win10 Now I'm having the same issue.... If anyone has had this issue please tell me what issues you're having as well and how you've fixed it. Also I used an entirely different head set no issues. But If i hook up my computer to my tv The audio doesn't stop my mouse. Thank you, sorry for the run ons