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Cannot boot any bootable media on my Acer Switch 10

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    Cannot boot any bootable media on my Acer Switch 10

    I have recently purchased an Acer Aspire Switch 10E.

    This laptop does not have a legacy boot BIOS; It only has a UEFI boot.

    Yes it has a secure boot option that can be enabled or disabled.

    Yes i have set my boot priority to USB CD ROM (as this laptop comes without a CD-ROM)
    To add to my woes i have read from reputed sources that the installed UEFI architecture is 32 bit type - which probably means that only a signed 32 bit UEFI boot driver can boot those disks.
    I have some DVDs that i keep as emergency to restore images, recover files and data and maybe perform partition management actions that do not boot probably because of the reasons above.

    DOES THIS MEAN THAT I AM TOTALLY DAMNED with respect to using these bootable disks on my new laptop?
    I do not have much knowledge about all this and this post is what i have gleaned from searching on the web
    Is there any workaround at all including modifying isos and adding 32 bit uefi boot files.

    This is a great forum, I know, but do point me to a forum if one is indeed specialized in stuff like this

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    Nothing on this issue
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    Quote Originally Posted by perfection View Post
    Nothing on this issue
    On my Gateway computer in the bios is the boot menu.
    It was not enabled by default.
    I enabled it & it told me to press F-12 at boot to get the boot manager where I could select the device to boot from.
    Be it the computer's uefi drive or a dvd or usb drive.

    Look in your bios to see if this is available for you .
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    Thanks David
    BUT perhaps you have not completely understood what I posted. F 12 has been enabled to show the devices I can boot from. But my laptop does NOT have a (legacy) BIOS - IT HAS ONLY A UEFI BOOT and that too a 32 bit UEFI firmware.
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    I have the same problem with my ACER XC-603G. According to ACER, you will have to flash your BIOS (on the motherboard) to correct it.
    You will then have an option to "Launch CSM" (Compatibility Support Module), which means Legacy BIOS.

    I'm not taking my chances on that, so I'm locked into Windows. This is the last ACER I'll ever buy!
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Cannot boot any bootable media on my Acer Switch 10
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