Doubtful, because my in-laws have Frontier in Oregon, IL. No issues on their DSL connection. A lot of times it can be just third party Internet Security software, that rolled from one OS to the updated one.

I always do a clean install on upgrades. The Dell, I had to load Vista, then update. 7 then update. 8 then update to 8.1. Then I could install 10. It took two and a half days of doing that install. I was using the box as a test unit when I got it from my in-laws. I have had no issues on it.

Do the reset on Internet Options in the Control Panel, make sure the Windows Firewall is shut down. Run the following Farbar tools: MiniToolBox, FRST and Service Scanner. Publisher page for Farbar That may fix it. Just make sure that you have any Internet Security Software disabled before running the tools. Last would be to reset the security software if running.