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I screwed up the "Windows/CURSORS" FOLDER causing an error

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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    Try copying the cursor folder from your other computer.
    You can put it on a usb.
    Once it is replaced, test it.

    Then download your red cursor package again & put it in a folder you created for it.
    Then if the cursor folder you replaced works, use Browse to locate the folder you created that contains your red cursors & pick the ones you want.

    This should work.

    Post back results.

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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    Windows 8.1.1 Pro with Media Center


    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

    Click image for larger version

    I used my own computer making the pictures.
    I can afford to mess around because I have a current Macrium image to use to reinstall my OS if I mess anything up.
    Macrium is good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSearcher View Post

    Thank you for your help, but I have to tell you, that I sense certain "hostility" and don't understand why or where does it come from. But I can tell you that it is unusual from an established, serious website such as this one. Your comment about "I don't watch videos" is one example. Why? What is wrong with videos? Why is it that YOU could not watch a video? If at the end everyone would save time? A video is simply another FANTASTIC tool to teach or explain things thoroughly.

    As to the solution to ME directly? I missed it... I saw a "conversation" among several members, but no one came to me DIRECTLY and said "TS..... or whatever, your best shot is to re-install Windows 8." Because that is what I think you are saying... instead I heard a lot to trash as to how we all should be "good boys" and never make mistakes.

    I am a 68 year old, my first computer was a 386... lol, and I've learned a lot about computers through the years, but I CERTAINLY don't know computers to the degree many of younger and more experienced guys do. So from time to time, yes, I screw up... sorry.

    Anyway thank you all for your help.

    Id really appreciate it if you wouldnt cop an attitude with the people who are taking time out of their day and life to help you fix an issue with your computer, something that they are in no way required to do.

    You were indeed given a solution to your issue. In the very second post in this thread in fact. broe23 gave you a link there to a tutorial on this forum on how to perform a repair install of Windows 8 as the best bet to cure your problem right now.

    Please read posts from other users more carefully from now on. More often than not they will have the solution right there, or at least start pointing you in the right direction for a solution.
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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    Windows 8.1.1 Pro with Media Center

    Did you get it fixed yet ?
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I screwed up the "Windows/CURSORS" FOLDER causing an error
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