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8.1 Slow to Delete or Dragging files

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    8.1 Persisting issue - Slow to Delete or Dragging files

    I use Windows 8.1 and since the start of August, I noticed a few issues. First of all whenever I save an image from Google Chrome to Desktop and click to preview, with Windows Photo Viewer, and then close it immediately the app crashes and hangs about. This isn't typical as I been doing this a lot beforehand.

    When I delete pictures or small files after downloading or saving to Desktop, a new window popup for like 5 seconds to tell me that it is in the process of deleting these tiny files, it was instant before. A similar popup happens when I drag files from desktop to folders in the Libraries. Again this is not typical.

    Sometimes, when I try to drag/move/delete newly added files on Desktop, another kind of window popup to say that whatever action cannot be done as it is being checked by Defender Services. I am forced to wait a few minutes before being able to take action.

    Everything I described above happens often but not always. It is like a persisting problem that gets on my nerves.

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    Welcome to the Forums.

    If you could publish system specs that might give some clues. The easiest way is to use Speccy
    Speccy - Publish Snapshot of your System Specs - Windows 7 Help Forums

    A number of things could be contributing to a sluggish system. I don't know if you are a maintenance person, as I am, constantly cleaning off junk files, defragging the drive etc.. or if you just plug and play the machine. I may have a better idea what questions to ask after I see a profile of the hardware though.
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    Thank you for the welcome. I had my fair share of experience with dealing with the PC. One of the things I don't do is optimise/defrag as I use an SSD

    After the first post, it occurred to me to check the Disk Clean-Up and found a cache for defender which probably had like 200MB, I wasn't paying attention to the data size. But you have to tick it as it is not checked by default.

    I just want to see if this works first before publishing stats. I had no issue since but I want to give it a few days to see if the problem is solved.
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    Sure thing. Hope it is resolved.
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8.1 Slow to Delete or Dragging files
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