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All of my Word 2013, Text, .JPEG Photos converted into .ab

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    All of my Word 2013, Text, .JPEG Photos converted into .ab

    hi guys I need your help, all of my important Data inside my PC in separate D:1TB HDD I stored in the PC. But suddenly today all of my D:1TB WORD 2013, TEXT, .JPEG Photos converted into .abc format, this extension added to all of my very important files, which I am having from last 15 years,

    So I can't loos this Data at all, all files becomes like this

    please help me, how to get my all of my files into original proper format,

    I mean node of the files are opening, when I click on it,

    I already Format & reinstall Win 7 from Scratch,
    And I already reinstall MS-Office also

    After doing all, still I could not get back my files, I am struggling from last 20 hours continuously,

    Any help appricated,


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    Remove Restore_files.txt and .abc Extension (Files Encrypted)

    this is exact problem and message I am getting
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    Im going to assume that you have read that whole webpage. If you have, then you already know this.

    You have been infected with TeslaCrypt. Its a virus known as ransomware. It infects your computer then find files on it that pertain to a list of certain extensions, mostly document, media and picture files. It makes a list of all of them, then encrypts them and adds the .abc extension to each one. After your files are encrypted, the only way to decrypt them is with the decryption key.


    A brute force attack on the decryption key would literally take hundreds of thousands of years, even with the worlds fastest computers going to work on it. Brute forcing the key is mathematically and computationally infeasable.

    Unfortunately the only way to reclaim your data is to follow the instructions in restore_files(dot)txt and pay the ransom that they demand. Otherwise, your files and important data are permanently lost.

    You can remove the virus that caused this to happen and clean your system, however this would only make damn well sure that you lose your files as there is no other way to pay the ransom then decrypt your files. You should be warned, that paying the ransom does not guarantee that your files will be decrypted as others have paid the ransom, then just got taken.

    This is a prime example of why you should always keep a backup of your data on a separate drive that is only connected while the back up is happening and kept in a safe place when it is not.
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    Actually there is a way. I posted this same link last week.

    We really need to have a Malware forum on here. The others are still a go to. But the problem with them, is that you tend to get those who act a little above the end-user and not talk to them at their level of knowledge of the OS.
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All of my Word 2013, Text, .JPEG Photos converted into .ab
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