Bear with me, I'm somewhat experienced with computers, but not a ton. I recently rebuilt my computer, due to freezing issues with my last computer, poor & old parts, etc. and even with everything being replaced with the exception of peripherals, I continued to have freezing issues. Wondering if it might have to do with an extremely old keyboard, (PS2), I replaced that, but there continued to be freezing issues, so I attempted to also use a new mouse. During this, I figured it couldn't hurt to check my hard drive as many people recommended, so I ran chkdsk. The first time I ran this, when I checked on it in the morning, it was frozen on a black backlit screen. I hard shut down the computer, and upon restart, it began running chkdsk again. This time, after maybe an hour or two, Windows crashed with the "unexpected error encountered" message and froze on 0% of checking for the error.

When I tried to skip chkdsk, the Automatic Repair came up and would get past the "Diagnosing PC" pinwheel and say that Windows could not be repaired and would I like to system restore? I attempted to system restore, but it then froze on the Windows 8 logo without the pinwheel or anything else occurring.

Currently attempting to run chkdsk a third time, hoping to get past any Windows crashes, but I'm not very hopeful.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The computer is completely new, the only software installed is CCleaner, Spybot, various Steam & Blizzard games, & drivers. The problem is definitely not virus related. The harddrive has only been in use for a couple weeks with Windows 8 installed.