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Consistent extremely long boot time (15 minutes+) on lenov

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    Consistent extremely long boot time (15 minutes+) on lenov

    Hey guys,

    Not sure if this is the right place - also posted in lenovos forums, hopefully I can get an answer there to.

    Recently (~3 weeks ago) my computer has been taking excessive amounts of time to boot. On start the power button and keyboard light, fans go on, but screen remains black. Takes 15 min to get to the lenovo splash screen, after which everything works fine.

    Updated all drivers. No change.
    Fixed as many errors as I could find in the event logger. Still nothing.
    Tried a fresh install/factory reset. Nope.

    Here's where it gets strange.

    Tried to boot in safe mode from the advanced start options. Instead it booted in normal mode (again after 15 min).
    Tried running the boot logger. No log file showed up.

    At this point I have no idea where the problem could be. Has anyone here seen something like this before and has any advice on what I should check?

    Next I'm going to try removing the hdd and checking boot times. Will update.

    Thanks for any help.

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    The fact that the video takes 15 minutes to come on makes me suspect hardware. Could you run Speccy and post the info?

    Here is a tutorial if you are not familiar with Speccy:
    Speccy - Publish Snapshot of your System Specs - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    Could try with a boot disc like Macrium just to see if any different. Also have to ask one of the standard questions. Checked for virus?
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    I have seen that problem a few times with my Lenovo H30.00 Desktop. Usually happens after installing a new program or un-installing one.

    I suspect the Programs and Features Add/Remove. Using Iobit Uninstaller as a test against Windows 8.1 own un-installer the Windows un-installer can leave a lot of traces in the registry. Iobit Un-installer finds these and cleans all traces of an un-install.

    No, I am not employed by Iobit, I just find it works.

    I had to, once only, pull the power cord and put it back in to restart after the same symptom as you had on your Lenovo.

    Have a look at a post I put on XP Forums under my other, "nom de plume" of Aunty Jack about Pokki and Lenovo apps. Since un-installing the Pokki apps and all but the Lenovo keyboard driver I have not had the start up problem. Pokki apps seem to behave a bit like Superfish and are really of no use but certainly eat resources. That issue with Pokki apps seems to be, "a usual suspect". (apologies to the script of Casablanca).

    Good luck,

    Old Kanga.
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    Ok so some updates.

    First: here's the speccy.

    Second: Ran malwarebytes and windows security essentials screen (again); no viruses came up.

    Third: Tried iobit. Cleaned out some residual install stuff, but it didn't seem to help - like I said, it was a clean install of windows so there were barely any programs on it to begin with.

    Fourth: Ran the lenovo solutions center tests (recommended from the lenovo forums). Nothing. No flags raised.

    Also, I was able to get the boot log, but I suspect the log comes up after the Lenovo splash screen goes up anyway. Here it is for a safe mode boot (attached). ntbtlog.txt

    Finally, I checked the boot time in windows event viewer and it was showing me ~24 seconds - wayyyyyyyy off the mark. I'm starting to agree that this is a hardware problem.

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Consistent extremely long boot time (15 minutes+) on lenov
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