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Why is everyone so excited about Win 8 Release version?

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    Why is everyone so excited about Win 8 Release version?

    hi guys,

    finisched installing all the 3d party programs, except for Xobni free version, but I mailed the company since I cannot install this.....for the first time.

    Anyway, why is everyone so excited about the Release version. Sure it seems faster, snappier, but the difference with the Consumer version is small.

    Maybe it is even more stable, but for the first time I am not so ravished myself.

    I see not sidebar, not that it is that important.

    Cannot install Xobni

    For the rest everything seems the same. Another background or colour does not make a big difference or am I lmissing something?

    Do I turn my back for Win 8, certainly not, but why the newer version or is this close to the final one and if so, no need to expect more.

    Any idea's?



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    Partly since it's the LAST stepping stone in the story for Windows 8. It's exciting to know that a plethora of form factors and hardware is being designed and built as we speak. It's exciting since it's a new chapter in the story of Windows, and of course, the Release Preview is VERY stable!
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    Not everyone is that excited about it. Most want to have a look see to see if anything good has come about. After they realize its more or less the same as the last version they move on.
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    First of all, it's the Release Preview, not the "Release version". This means it's a preview of the final version, although my understanding is that there are still some changes to happen before final.

    Second, it will have fewer bugs, be more along the lines of the final version, and more importantly.. when it comes to third party software, it's far more likely to work than previous versions. I don't know if Xobni will work or not in this version, but the chances are higher.

    Few software companies support their software on Beta versions of the OS, but if they do, they will only do so in the latest version.
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    hi Alphanumeric,

    exactly, but I have that feeling right now and I am a Win 8 fan.

    Hi Mystere,

    not so, Xobni has always worked in Developer and Consumer Preview, but not in the Release version;

    So guys, Release is stable, but for me Consumer is stable as well.

    I said this before, MS could make Win 8 a huge succes if:

    users would get the possibility to make changes during install, like background in the Metro. I feel that for many Metro is a problem, but if this could get more sophisticated, the older start menu from the 20th century would not be needed.

    Opening a icon on the taskbar is much the same has hitting the corner to open the Metro. But it is like turning a page, maybe it would be better it opened like when you open a Word docu or Excel, right from the middle of the screen.

    then if one gets the possibility to get a full screen Metro or a half screen, maybe this would be more accepted. That way you stay on your regular screen.

    So since Metro is for many users a big problem, it is right there that improvement should happen.

    And who uses IE started from within Metro, I don't. Too hard to open a second screen, or maybe I do not know how too.

    Working with the older startmenu and Metro together is not smooth enough.

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    Ok, thanks to Xobni info, disabling Windows firewall for about 1 minute installation went like it should.

    But right now Xobni does not support Windows 8, if it works it works if not....

    just to let you know

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Why is everyone so excited about Win 8 Release version?
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