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Clearing Old files from File History in Windows 8.1

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    Clearing Old files from File History in Windows 8.1

    I have File History set up and working fine. I know how to run a "Clean up Versions" and have done that several times. My question is as follows:
    I have a directory called "Photos" I dump my photos in that directory and it gets copied across via File History to an external drive. Later on I rename these files based on the subject and date of the photo and move then to individual sub directories ie "Cars", "Flowers", etc. It may be a while before I do this so I want the files copied via File History. Once I have done the rename, etc the new files are moved via File History. However when I delete the files from the "Photos" directory they do not get deleted from the File History on the external drive. I know this is what they are supposed to do so that if I accidentally delete them I can restore them. But how do I delete them from the File History. Do I just wait 1 month and then run the "keep saved versions" to 1 month and let the system do what it would normally do and delete information. The problem would be that it would delete ALL files that were more then 1 month old. Would any files that are more then 1 month old and was deleted be copied across when I next run File History knowing that they have not been updated in that time ie old letter files, old photos in the sub directories?

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    File History has never been perfect. You would be better off using a sync utility like the All my Storage app, if you are going to manually transfer files. If you want automated, there are better utilities out there than File History.
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    I've never been impressed with File History. It always seems to copy duplicate files and you end up deleting all but the previous version which rather defeats the object of File History. See File History Problems

    What programs do you recommend instead of File History for copying to local storage only?
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Clearing Old files from File History in Windows 8.1
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