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I've had a lot to say about Windows 8, but here are my final thoughts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    I'm more into the fact that Microsoft is pushing forward the "one UI to rule them all."
    And therein lies the problem. There is no one GUI to satisfy all platforms; and anyone who believes there is, clearly is out of touch with reality. Win8 is a hybrid of a Tablet & Desktop.

    M$ are compromising desktop users for the sake of pushing into the Tablet/Touchfone market. Make no mistake, it's all about marketing, and they are very good at it; and no doubt a lot of susceptible buyers will be captured by it's 'pretty aesthetics' versus it's funcitionality ... in respect of desktop.

    Win98 2nd Ed was released as a FREE upgrade to Win98 because the original had approx 20,000 known errors. And so they should have.

    Win7 was really the same deal in respect of Vista, and in my opinion should have also been a free upgrade. And Win8 should be the same in respect of Win7. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why there is no SP2 for Win7? XP had 3 and Vista had 2. Does that prove how good Win7 really is? I think not. It's a case of why waste such a good marketing opportunity! And why they're already offering standard deals of $15 upgrade to Win8 on new laptops. I was even offered it free when I bought and built my son's new computer. My son took it, but only for his Tablet. To use it on his desktop would have been a retrograde step.

    Win8 is simply a backdoor entry for selling a slightly improved Win7 version OS for Tablets and Touchfones.

    No offence, but wake up and smell the marketing roses!

    As I said before, this thread invited Win8 haters to put their case. And the reasons for our dislike have been clearly and frequently well documented. We have repeatedly made it equally clear we're not satisfied with your apologia to our complaints. You invited, we responed, you responded to our response, and we're still not satisfied. Any further posts by proponents of Win8 are simply promotional. And if you'll excuse my cynicism, is what I suspected was the purpose of this thread from the get go. Nothing presented in it has changed that point of view.

    I mean, give me a break! The author of the thread should live up to the title he gave it as 'final thoughts'.

    Q: When is a final thought not a final thought?

    A: When it's posted by a Win8 supporter.

    And how many times will you repeat your final thoughts ... until we're bludgeoned into agreeing with you???

    Simply stated, we're happy with what we've got in Win7, except for the improvements to the OS programs. We dislike Metro and it's enforced use, and the lack of a legacy start menu. And we're not interested in "learning how to use Win8".

    As has been oft repeated. Give us:

    • A legacy start menu

    • Direct boot to desktop

    • Even retain Metro as an option

    • And stop telling us how to make Win8 work as it is

    ... and you will hear no more complaints.

    It's so simple. It's a case of preferences, which your thread invited us to disseminate. We didn't respond to this thread so we could be persuaded into liking Win8 and being taught how to use it. Most of us already knew all that stuff, and didn't accept it as a satisfactory solution! We simply responded to tell you why we're not going to use it. Period! So pleeeeeaaassseeee! NO MORE FINAL THOUGHTS!
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    If Metro was good enough I'd be glad to use it instead of legacy/desktop. The solution is not letting us use what's old, but make what's new better, so that no one needs the old version anymore.
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I've had a lot to say about Windows 8, but here are my final thoughts
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