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These things MUST be in the final release

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    These things MUST be in the final release

    1) Ability to Pin things to Start from the Desktop. I should be able to right-click anything within, for example, Libraries and have the ability to Pin to Start.

    2) Files needs to be more accessible from Start. Do I really have to type, then select files? There's an option to view all apps, there should be an option to view all files.

    3) Treat Desktop less like an app, and more like part of the OS.

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    1. You can. If you go to the Libraries, right click, there is a context entry of "Pin to Start." It works, in the Developer Preview, that didn't. It was kind of a pain. But you can literally pin folders and programs all you want.

    2. That should be there, I'd rather have it aggregate out the different options already without my input.

    3. I guess yeah, that would be more fundamental, but the Desktop a lot of the OS itself. It is weird that you can close it like an app, but it actually doesn't close everything for some odd reason, it's just that the Desktop isn't easily switched to if you're in an app.
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These things MUST be in the final release
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