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One Drive Sharing & Personalization Theme Question

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    One Drive Sharing & Personalization Theme Question

    I had a look for a proper place to post each question but couldn't really see a better place than 'general' so I'll post both questions here if that's ok.

    Question 1: One Drive

    I have a main desktop pc that is signed into one drive with my gmail account. I have 2 other MS tablets that also use the same gmail account to sign in with, and of course I use the same gmail account for the one drive.

    I have noticed that if I create a second user on the tablet (say one for the missus) then the onedrive account she gets access to is not mine, its hers, and thus that makes sharing One Drive a bit crappy.

    Ideally I would like the tablet to have two user accounts, but both accounts use MY one drive account (so that sharing and dumping is far easier).

    Can this be done?

    For example, right now, if I am logged into one of the tablets with MY username (my gmail login details), then when I am in desktop mode and I browse one drive folder, I get to see all the stuff that's there (same as on my desktop pc etc).
    When we change user account to my wifes (use her gmail account to login) then when we go to desktop mode and she clicks one drive folder, its empty, because its her one drive (and she never uses it), awkward when she wants to retrieve something from there etc...

    Question 2: Personalization (themes).

    I'm a bit perplexed of what occured yesterday. As i stated before, I have 3 windows devices all logged into windows with the same gmail account (and one drive, for example all devices see the same one drive stuff). The three devices are a desktop pc and two tablets (Surface 2 and a Acer 32bit tablet).
    When I went to change the background of the Acer tablet, it also changed the background of the Surface 2 tablet... but not my desktop pc. It seems the two tablets are syncing but the desktop isn't. I actually don't want the syncing, I prefer a different desktop background for each device, but right now I can't seem to do this with the two tablets. Change either background on either tablet and the change takes place on the other tablet too (at least after a min or so). Just because I am logged into windows 8 with the same gmail account etc, can I have independent backgrounds?



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    Yes it can be done. There are two sections to One Drive. One that stores your Roaming profile, one for file storage.
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    Are you able to expand on this and help guide me as to how this is done? Cheers.
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One Drive Sharing & Personalization Theme Question
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