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w8.1 unstable

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    Thank you for your paitence,

    Lost count now, I think mainntenence is now running for 35hrs. I will leave it running on.

    Using the Notebook , it seems so simple those days with XP!

    I will post when it stops running maintenance.

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    The 3rd day now saying maint. in progress & the HD activity red light never flicked once.

    2-3 months ago I made Macrium & MS History Images on USB sticks of that w8.1 HD, the Reflect Recovery one tested OK on my spare HD but, I could not make the recovery of the MS one work.

    What does an "Image" hold in it or when it is recovered on an win8.1 HD what does it change in it, the Windows part in C:\ only & leaves the logical partitions untouched or are they deleted?

    Do you happen to know how to make the MS Recovery to work, or is M.Reflect better? .....thanx
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    An image is another word for backup.
    The image restores the files from when you've created it.
    With a full backup you'll loose every data that has been created after the backup.
    A differential backup saves the data that has been changed since the last full backup.
    An incremental does pretty much the same.

    A disadvantage of incremental for example: following a full backup on Friday, a Monday backup will contain only those files that changed since Friday. A Tuesday backup contains only those files that changed since Monday, and so on. A full restoration of data will naturally be slower, since all increments must be restored. Should any one of the copies created fail, including the first (full), restoration will be incomplete

    An advantage of the differential backup: only the full backup and the last differential backup are necessary to restore all the data.
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    Thanx, will.

    I understand those but, This Recovry does it only recover windows in C:\ ?
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    The recovery counts for every partition where you've made a backup for.

    For example:
    I have the partitions C, D, E, F.
    I make weekly a full backup for C and D.
    C is my windows partition and a day before I planned to do my backup I find out I accidentally deleted some files from the D partition.
    So I use the backup I've made from last week and recover D, but because C is with this backup also C will be recovered to that time.
    This would be a hugh disadvantage, but with macrium I have the option to only recover C or D or whatever partition is in the backup.
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    How about the USB stick created with "Media Creation Tool. What will that affect, only win. in C:"?, as the stick can only hold 8gb.
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    It will only affect the partition that you have chosen.
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    I Can't imaging choosing other than C:\ when I created the USB Rescue media weeks ago, so after another 2-3 days of Maintenance I will have to try that way to shake off the problems with 8.1 HD. It is my main HD but, can't be helped. With the spare HD I lost the IE favoures that I use a lot & a few other things like the desktop items e.t.c but can be saved before if I remember to do so. ......thanx ......nick
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    Since Fri.14th till now during maintenance there was no HD activity. Now I cannot find Command prompt to try sfc/scannow.

    I think the only option is the USB rescue media I have.
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    Thanx for your help but my Win was corrupted badly for some reason, Virus perhaps or something I did to it.

    I bit the bullet & booted into the w8.1 media recover USB & luckily it turned out OK. Had to install Word 2000, B.Earth, FSX etc.

    Hope it stabilizes for a long time. ...........nick
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w8.1 unstable
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